Department of
Transportation Services

Safety on the roadways is always a priority in the oilfield. At McAnally Wilkins we provide comprehensive DOT support, training and consultation to help you reduce risks.  Our team is always available to answer questions.  Some of our services include:

  • Mock DOT file audit for driver qualification files, maintenance records and hours of service records
  • SAFER company snapshot review/analysis, with corrective action plan—based on the results, we create a custom solution for your specific needs
  • Guidance on process of Data Qs to remove improper roadside violations and assist with Crash Preventability Determination Program for non-fault DOT recordable crashes
  • DOT Management and Driver Training
  • 8-hour annual DOT Seminar, updates to Federal regulatory changes, entry level DOT Manager to seasoned DOT managers

  • 4-hour HazMat 126-F training for drivers

      • Course is designed for personnel handling, transporting, packaging and manifesting hazardous materials as required under DOT 49 CFR Part 171 regulations
      • Personnel receive the 172.101 table & applicable documentation
      • This training is required every three years
  • 2-hour DOT management class
  • 1-hour DOT drivers training class
  • Roadside Level 1, Level 2 and Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) vehicle inspection classes to drivers
  • Defensive Driving classes

Safety Services

Keeping our employees safe and working in a healthy environment means each employee must be trained in his/her job to insure that the entire team focuses on a safe and hazardous free zone. At McAnally Wilkins we have a dedicated team to work with our clients. We have extensive training programs and OSHA tools and certifications programs to provide the management team with the tools and resources you need to the risk of injuries and illnesses.

  • Leverage our team of OSHA 501 Outreach Instructors, Haz Mat 126-F instructors, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Instructors, and Medic First Aid/American Red Cross First Aid-CPR instructors

  • Complimentary training at McAnally Wilkins Insurance Training Center, maximum of 50 attendees

  • OSHA mock shop inspection — Our Safety team will assist in identifying possible hazards in your workplace and available to complete the required New Mexico Workers Compensation facility inspections

    • Complimentary sample Safety Manual, to reduce the cost of using a 3rd party safety manual
    • Onsite safety meetings at your location
    • Complimentary training at McAnally Wilkins Insurance Training Center, maximum of 50 attendees
    • Safeland Orientation — Taught at McAnally Wilkins Insurance training Center (*Must meet pre-qualification)
    • OSHA 300 and 300A recording criteria and form completion assistance
    • 8-hour annual safety seminar, updates on OSHA federal regulatory changes, Claims, and Legal (from beginner to seasoned safety managers)
    • OSHA 10 or 30-hour course instruction

In-House Training Services

McAnally Wilkins provides you with the most comprehensive insurance coverage options, training and consultation in the oil and gas service industry.

  • H2S Instruction

  • OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Instruction

  • MEDIC First Aid and CPR Instruction

  • Post-Injury Management Instruction

  • EMR & TRIR Reduction Strategies

Compliance Management Websites

Do you need assistance with ISNETWORLD/VERIFORCE/NCMS/etc.?

Here’s how we can help.

  • Our team will train your employees on the management of these compliance sites

  • Assist in adding information into these sites

  • Mentor your administrator on the Experience Modification Rate and Total Incident Recordable Rate, that affect your scoring criteria

  • Train on monthly and quarterly data upload and document management

  • Help construct Safety Programs that are tailored to your specific commercial requirements and upload in various websites

Claims and Risk Services

Our Claims Department has more than 150 years of combined insurance experience and provides after-hours resources so that every claim is managed with the urgency and care needed to reduce loss of money, mitigate exposures, and make certain McAnally Wilkins clients are impacted as minimally as possible.  Our MWI claims team will manage the process, so that clients don’t have to tie up their own valuable resources to close out a claim.

If an accident occurs, it will be assigned to a specific claims service manager who will then:

  • Assist clients with all claim matters

  • Report the claim to the appropriate parties

  • Communicate with adjusters

  • Connect with legal and law enforcement representatives

  • Facilitate Claims Reviews

  • Ensure active claims are handled promptly and professionally, until formally closed

Additionally, the McAnally Wilkins Claims Team will:

  • Develop benchmarks to help Clients better understand the ever-challenging landscape of the oil and gas environment

  • Monitor oil and gas industry exposure, litigation and claim trends

  • Provide After-Hour and Catastrophe Response

We Help Mitigate Your Risks

McAnally Wilkins has in-house professionals specializing in auto-related defense in the event our clients are involved in a severe or significant event. From a fender bender to a catastrophic accident, we are there to protect your employees and company assets. Services include:

  • Auto-related assistance

  • Risk Management Services

  • Catastrophic accident review

  • Claim Settlement guidance

  • Sample Owner/Operator Agreement

  • Sample Sub-Contractor Agreements

Human Resources Services

All Your HR Solutions In One Place

In addition to managing the health and safety of your business, we offer robust health insurance and employee benefits packages to manage the health and safety of your employees and their families.

HR is a vital part of any organization, requiring skillful management by experienced professionals to handle your needs, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our partnership with ThinkHR™ enables us to provide you with complimentary HR resources so you can focus on what you do best—oil and gas.

  • LIVE support from certified and experienced HR professionals available beyond business hours—11 hours per day

  • Compliance: Access federal and/or state compliance resources, alerts to new legislation, hiring and termination guidelines

  • Learn: Courses that develop employees and insure compliance.

  • Employee Handbook: Create a comprehensive, living and breathing handbook.

  • New Hires: Receive on boarding checklists and develop job descriptions

  • Health Insurance Options with multiple carriers

  • Complimentary Access to our partner ThinkHR

Michael Knize discusses some of the employee management opportunities that McAnally Wilkins offers.