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The oil and gas industry’s unique risks demand specialized coverage.

From oil and gas well contractors fracturing 15,000 ft horizontal wells in the Permian Basin to heavy haul contractors transporting equipment to and from drill sites, the oil and gas industry takes on unique risks that demand specialized coverage. Oil and gas service contractors require risk management and coverage that is both proactive and tailored to their specific needs.

We are an independent insurance agency with oil and gas industry expertise.

McAnally Wilkins, Inc. provides comprehensive commercial insurance programs for contractors in the continental United States’ oil and gas industry. Our insurance experts have extensive knowledge of the exposures that confront workers in the oil and gas industry as well as proven, established relationships with a broad range of insurance companies. As a private agency, we have the capacity to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients without concern for a corporate executives’ bottom line. In short, we’re able to provide our clients and prospects the best coverage at the fairest price.

From loss control to safety services, we offer more than insurance.

We believe that an insurance company should do more than cover losses. We work with our clients to identify and avoid unnecessary risks, to control losses, and to educate personnel in best practices. Risk control and safety services management are provided to our clients at no additional cost.

Our risk management team identifies exposures specific to individual oil and gas industry contractors and works continuously to ensure that risks are reduced and covered.

Our OSHA certified trainer is on hand to provide instruction in OSHA standards, covering a variety of categories from Accident Investigation to OSHA Recordkeeping.

Our in-house review team and claims department use their experience in the oil and gas industry to evaluate Master Service Agreements. Our advice is invaluable to our large risk client base.

Client benefits include:

An Insurance Agency that Prioritizes the Oil and Gas Industry

Analysis and Evaluation of Master Service Agreements

Access to Top Flight Insurance Companies

Monitoring and Review of Claims by Experienced In-house Personnel